The City of Dort, Part 2

‘And saw under the hedges the soldiers lying in ambush . . . and sent a spy to ascertain the truth of the story.’

Continued from Part 1 – The City of Dort, Preserved by Milkmaids:

Finding the report correct, he began to prepare for safety, and instantly sent to the State, who ordered soldiers into the city, and commanded the river to be let in by a certain sluice, which would lay that part of the country under water where the besiegers lay in ambush.  This was forthwith done, and a great number of the Spaniards were drowned; and the rest being disappointed in their design, escaped, and the town was thus saved.  The State, to commemorate the memory of the merry milkmaids good service to the country, ordered [for] the farmer a large revenue forever; and the milkmaids were allowed for their own life, and their heirs forever, a very handsome annuity.



About William Moore

I am a Christian, saved and living by God's grace. I am doing this blog on a book called, "The World of Religious Anecdote," or, as I like to call it, "Christian Anecdotes." The reason why I am doing this blog, on a book, instead of about myself, is because there are so many unedifying things in the world, so that we, as Christians, need to take the world and subdue it for our Lord. I believe and hope that is what I am doing here, in this blog. I try to do my posts twice a week, in order to keep the flow going. I hope you enjoy reading, learning, and sharing this book, "Christian Anecdotes."
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