Wise Correction

With his own sons he, [Mr. Henry Elliot], was wont to reprove tall-talk in a very practical manner.  One of them once said, “I am sure I could carry a pail of water from the kitchen to the attic without spilling a drop.”  “Let a pail of water be brought,” said his father, “let him do it.”  A pail [that became half empty], and water splashed upon almost every stair, gave the required lesson; so he reproved boastfulness of speech.  This quiet, most simple, and unpretensive looking man, on two occasions stepped in between men fighting in the street, and succeeded in doing what the policemen failed to do, and giving the bystanders a little sermon into the bargain: “You call yourselves Christians and yet stand by and see your fellow creatures fighting like beasts!”

This man was Henry Venn Elliot, a humble minister of a small church in Brighton. – Hentycrew

Note: Words in brackets were put there by myself to help the reader understand the story.


About William Moore

I am a Christian, saved and living by God's grace. I am doing this blog on a book called, "The World of Religious Anecdote," or, as I like to call it, "Christian Anecdotes." The reason why I am doing this blog, on a book, instead of about myself, is because there are so many unedifying things in the world, so that we, as Christians, need to take the world and subdue it for our Lord. I believe and hope that is what I am doing here, in this blog. I try to do my posts twice a week, in order to keep the flow going. I hope you enjoy reading, learning, and sharing this book, "Christian Anecdotes."
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