A Poem on Prayer, Part Two

. . .’His bell must ring at last.’

‘ “Thank God, thou whining knave, on land,
‘ “But thank, at sea, the steerman’s hand,”
‘The captain’s voice above the gale:
‘ “Thank the good ship and ready sail.”
‘ “Come to thy God in time!”
‘Sad grew the boding chime:
‘ “Come to thy God at last!”
‘Boomed heavy on the blast.’

‘Uprose that sea, as if it heard
‘The mighty Master’s signal word:
‘What thrills the captain’s whitening lip?
‘The death-groans of his sinking ship.
‘ “Come to thy God in time!”
‘Swung deep the funeral chime:
‘Grace, mercy, kindness past,
‘ “Come to thy God at last!” ‘

‘Long did the rescued pilot tell-
‘When grey hairs o’er his forehead fell,
‘While those around would hear and weep-
‘The fearful judgement of the deep.
‘ “Come to thy God in time!”
He read his native chime:
‘Youth, manhood, old age past,
‘His bell had rung out at last.’

‘Still when the storm of Bottreaux’s waves
‘Is wakening in his weedy caves,
‘Those bells, that sullen surges hide,
‘Peal their deep notes beneath the tide:
‘ “Come to thy God in time!”
‘Thus saith the ocean chime:
‘Storm, billow, whirlwind past,
‘ “Come to thy God at last.” ‘


  The story behind this poem will be published next week. . . – Hentycrew


About William Moore

I am a Christian, saved and living by God's grace. I am doing this blog on a book called, "The World of Religious Anecdote," or, as I like to call it, "Christian Anecdotes." The reason why I am doing this blog, on a book, instead of about myself, is because there are so many unedifying things in the world, so that we, as Christians, need to take the world and subdue it for our Lord. I believe and hope that is what I am doing here, in this blog. I try to do my posts twice a week, in order to keep the flow going. I hope you enjoy reading, learning, and sharing this book, "Christian Anecdotes."
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