John Knox and the Virgin Mary

The castle having surrendered, Knox, who could not be persuaded to abandon his charge, was, together with his brethren, confined on board the French galleys.  Every means was employed, in vain, to induce the prisoners to renounce their religion.  One day a fine painted image of the virgin was brought into one of the galleys, and presented to the Scotch prisoner to kiss.  Knox desired the bearer not to trouble him, and he would not touch it.  The officers roughly replied that he should, put it to his face, and thrust it into his hands.  Upon this he took hold of the image, and watching his opportunity, threw it into the river, saying, “Lat our Ladie save hirself; she is lycht anoughe, lat her leirne to swyne.* “

John Knox was a man who desired that all men should worship God, and to him any images were considered to much to be drawing away from God.  – Hentycrew

* “Let our Lady save herself; she is light enough, let her learn to swim.”


About William Moore

I am a Christian, saved and living by God's grace. I am doing this blog on a book called, "The World of Religious Anecdote," or, as I like to call it, "Christian Anecdotes." The reason why I am doing this blog, on a book, instead of about myself, is because there are so many unedifying things in the world, so that we, as Christians, need to take the world and subdue it for our Lord. I believe and hope that is what I am doing here, in this blog. I try to do my posts twice a week, in order to keep the flow going. I hope you enjoy reading, learning, and sharing this book, "Christian Anecdotes."
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