The Last Story, Part One

This is the first installment of a three part story which will be our last look at the book as we will then move on to other places . . .  
                                           . . . so enjoy and be edified!

A Sailor’s Providential Story

Four years ago, I left the port of Boston, the master of a fine ship bound for China.  I was worth ten thousand dollars, and was the husband of a young and beautiful bride, whom I had married six months before.  When I left her, I promised to return to her in less than a twelvemonth.  I took all of my money with me, save enough to support my wife in my absence, for the purpose of trading when in China.  For a long time we were favoured with prosperous winds, but when in the China Sea a terrible storm came upon us, so that in a short time I saw the vessel must be lost, for we were drifting on the rocks of an unknown shore.  I ordered the men to provide each for himself in the best possible manner, and forget the ship, as it was impossible to save her.  We then struck, a sea threw me upon the rocks senseless, and the next would have carried me back into a watery grave, had not one of the sailors dragged me further up the rocks.  There were only four of us alive, and when morning came we found ourselves on a small, uninhabited island, with nothing to eat but wild fruit.  I will not distress you by an account off our sufferings there; suffice it to say that we remained sixty days before we could make ourselves known to any ship.  We were dropped at Canton, and there I had to beg; for my money was at the bottom of the sea, and I had not taken the precaution to have it insured.  It was nearly a year before I found a chance to come home, and then I, a captain, was obliged to ship as a common sailor.  It was two years from the time I left America that I returned to Boston . . . . . .

To be continued on Saturday.


About William Moore

I am a Christian, saved and living by God's grace. I am doing this blog on a book called, "The World of Religious Anecdote," or, as I like to call it, "Christian Anecdotes." The reason why I am doing this blog, on a book, instead of about myself, is because there are so many unedifying things in the world, so that we, as Christians, need to take the world and subdue it for our Lord. I believe and hope that is what I am doing here, in this blog. I try to do my posts twice a week, in order to keep the flow going. I hope you enjoy reading, learning, and sharing this book, "Christian Anecdotes."
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