On a free book table was this very old book that caught my eye.  Full of exciting stories from the past, and each of them having an example of christian character. It was written by the Rev. Edwin P. Hood and following is a short biography…

Short Biography of Rev. Edwin P. Hood

“A telegram was received in London from Paris yesterday announcing that the death of the Rev. Edwin Paxton Hood had just occurred in that city…”*

And so the world heard the news that Rev. Hood had passed into eternity.

The Rev. Edwin P. Hood was born at Westminster in 1820.  I do not know much about his early years, but in 1852, when he was 32, he entered the ministry and was appointed to Offord Road Chapel in Barnsbury.  He possessed a great store of originality, wit, and humor, some of which was made evident in some few of his sermons.  Following a visit to the United States, he was made the pastor of Falcon-Square Chapel, in London, where he attracted a large congregation.  Upon his death newspapers published his obituary; below is an excerpt from the New York Times:

“…Mr. Hood had been unwell for some weeks.  He preached and lectured at Dewsbury a short time ago, and broke down…since at that time his breath had been, ‘short’, …and …his heart was weak.  Mr. Hood was the son of one of Nelson’s old sailors…”

And that is why I am transcribing this book; because it is one of the great, older, unknown, and forgotten books of the 19th century.  I hope that you will pass the word around that there is at least one old christian book that is being put on the Internet.

*New York Times

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  1. Floyd Langston says:

    I want to first start out by saying I appreciate your website. I can tell that MUCH time was spent preparing it. Something does catch my eyesight thought. The fact that you call a mortal man, “the reverend”. That kinda disturbs me because the bible tells us in Psalm 111:9 “He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name”. This is referring to God. No were in the bible are we authorized to use this title. We can be like god without taking his credit. In Mattew 23:8-9, Jesus spoke sternly about religious titles and was very much against them. Nothing has changed since them. We have to be very careful how we live, what we say and what we do. Any-thing can cause us to lose our souls if it’s not repented of. (Matthew 7:13, Eph 5:27, Luke 13:3-5 and many other scriptures). Romans 16:16 says Salute one another with an holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you. There were a congregation of churches of christ in the bible in different cities through out asia and other places, so they were all called churches of christ. They all spoke the same thing. Denominations didn’t come about until hundreds of years later. Jesus built only one church and he named it “CHURCH OF CHRIST Rom 16:16). He did that because it was his will. Please seek a local Church of Christ for additional teachings on God’s will. May God bless you. Love, Floyd L.

    • Hentycrew says:

      I obtained the phrases in quotations from the New York Times. My intent is to record what had been said in contemporary sources about the man. Thank you for your encouraging comments.
      – Hentycrew

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